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Steve MacDonald

It’s All Smoke And Mirrors: The Reality Of The Left’s Electric Vehicle Future

Let’s not forget that the Left wanted rising gas prices to get people into EVs. But we lack the material, manufacturing, supply chain, infrastructure, and grid capacity to charge them at the pace the Left claims we need to adopt. But we’re doing it anyway? Picture it like being herded toward the edge of a cliff where they plan to put a bridge that no one is sure how to start let alone finish – but they want you on the other side now.

How Many Known Side Effects For Pfizer’s Experimental “Vaccine?” Let Us Count The Ways

The Jab has been an endless opportunity for human interest stories and investigative journalism, but where are these stories? Where is the balanced reporting or curiosity? What happened to “protecting the public interest” from abuses of government? People were driven out of their jobs for refusing an experimental treatment we have known for some time has serious side-effects including death. To be clear, we have not provided or received conclusive evidence that the NH media was bought off but anecdotal evidence is another matter.

The BDS Infatuation of Ben & Jerry’s: What We Should Really Divest Of Is Democrats

First, as a primer – if you’re behind the curve on the topic – you go here and catch up. You’ll discover how Jews in the US and Israel have been pushing back against Ben & Jerry’s BS on (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) BDS.
It’s fun to watch real people reject work corporatism. This brings us to Avi Zinger. Zinger is suing Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s) for breach of contract, among other things.

Who Had The Best ‘Take’ On Biden’s SOTU Address?

Nothing Democrats are focused on – if Biden’s puttering nonsense is an actual accounting of that – is of interest to real Americans. So the State of the Union Speech was, if anything else, as clear a statement as can be made, that Democrats, in the person of Joseph Biden, ar least suited to represent their interests.

One School District Took Parent Intimidation To A Whole New Level

I was the object of something similar about a decade ago, except the attack came from State Republican insiders. They tried to get me fired from my job – sent an “anonymous” letter to the company president because I was badmouthing their choice for GOP state party chair. They said I was a sexist and a bigot. They wanted him to know the sort of people that worked for the company.

How Disastrous Were The Ratings For The Chinese Olympics? The Numbers Are Staggering

They also pointed to the time difference, but every moment of this thing was available to stream after the fact (as far as I can tell), and if people cared, they’d have made time for that on their own schedule. Yes, being in China was probably a factor, but not entirely how NBC framed it. As Legal Insurrection reports, the AP had no illusions about the problem. “These Olympics were a disaster for the network: a buzz-free, hermetically-sealed event in an authoritarian country a half-day’s time zone away…”

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Planning To Sue Celebs And Media For Defamation

Following in the footsteps of Covington Kid (now multi-millionaire) Nick Sandmann’s string of successful defamation suits against the media, Kyle hopes to send the message again. A message I doubt they are capable of learning. There’s a price to be paid for your outrageous antics, smears, and not just in settlements. The legal fees to defend that are not couch cushion change.

Life Insurance Companies Wouldn’t Consider COVID Vaccinations The Same As Suicide, Would They?

We’ve mentioned it once or twice. The vaccine you got, including the booster (same stuff), is experimental. Last March, we informed readers that your insurance could deny coverage for treatment or a death claim if the vaccine were the cause. That was a year into the political pandemic and at the beginning of the mRNA vaccine era. Before they even knew the damn things didn’t even work.

Which States Are More Likely To Have Low Crime Rates, Those With Or Without Strict Gun Laws?

But using the left’s language, isn’t that self-administered death with dignity? Messy, sad, unpleasant, and probably due to years of liberal policy pressure, but even if it violates the existing criminal code, it is not a violent crime against anyone else. But that gun wasn’t used to deny someone else’s life the way, say, a makeshift noose manages to kill someone in their holding cell after the camera suddenly stops working.

Biden And His Administration Are MAD: Making America Dependent

Biden’s Green Meanies want every natural gas pipeline project’s impact evaluated against the made-up concept of environmental justice. An excuse to advance an energy strategy that harms people struggling with rising energy prices until modern living is unaffordable. Blocking needed capacity without any infrastructure to replace it.

Whenever A Democrat Starts Hollering About January 6th, Do This…

Many of their protesters were armed and a lot of people were injured or killed. The Democrat response? Deescalate police presence and political support for law and order which not only increased the likelihood of personal and property crime, in some minority neighborhoods crime rose as much as 500% and continue to do harm to people of color.

What If An Illiterate Masculine Carnivore Is Really A Vegan Feminist Author?

Meat was not sexist or racist, or supremacist to the earliest hunter-gatherers. It was dinner. Men risked their lives to feed themselves, women, and children because they were stronger and faster. These days their male ancestors can claim to be women to rob them of their rights, safe spaces, and now athletic accomplishments. They call that social justice, but I don’t see it.