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Tom Williams

The Devastation Of The Crypto Crash… What About Bitcoin?

That highlights the risk with algorithmic stablecoins. When the supply spiked and TerraUSD lost its peg earlier this week, the arbitrage mechanism failed to resolve the problem. At that point, Terraform Labs’ Bitcoin reserve was supposed to correct the problem, but that has yet to happen. Instead, the price of the stablecoin has continued to plunge, and panicked investors have been selling, adding to the downward pressure.

The Real Story Behind The Baby Formula Crisis Isn’t What You Think

Unfortunately, Abbott’s Sturgis plant is responsible for the manufacturing of 75% of all amino acid baby formulas in the US. The Abbott plant still remains closed despite the findings after shutting down in February amid a major product recall. So far, the FDA refuses to allow it to reopen. Abbott says it’s “working closely with the FDA to restart operations” at the plant as parents across the nation are struggling to get formula for their babies.

Bidenflation Devastation: In Reality, Gas And Oil Prices Are Even Worse Than What They’re Reporting

While the US has been shuttering refineries, China has invested in them. In fact, for most of 2020, China’s refineries processed more crude than U.S. refineries. In April 2020, more crude oil was being refined in China’s refineries than in U.S. refineries for the first time on record, and the trend continued for all remaining months in 2020 except for July and August.

In Which Direction Are Oil And Gas Prices Headed? Data Shows The Answer

Whether you believe these investment policies would significantly affect climate change or the climate change narrative given by mainstream media is another story. Regardless of any genuine Oil supply-demand issues or even geopolitical concerns, Oil is set to go significantly higher in the next year or two ahead.

It’s Not Only Bidenflation That’s High: Why Don’t We Have Enough Labor?

So, shall we implement government social plan “A” or government social plan “B?” Let the debates start. But before we do this, perhaps we must consider the cost of the change in our culture over the past few decades that has led us to this point.

What has happened to the traditional family, who in the past have managed and regulated these types of issues? So many families are broken and the youth is being managed by Hollywood and social media – we are so wonderfully woke now. Has this served us well? Perhaps we should start here first.

Worrisome Signals Suggest The Housing Market Bubble Is Ready To Burst

So what is going on here? Perhaps what we are seeing in the US is a real change in the culture and the economic models brought on by the various crises – social justice (e.g., BLM movement), Covid, climate change, and now Ukraine, for example. It is a radical part of Left-wing politics consuming America. Some have attributed it to what is called the Great Reset.

Shocking: Biden’s Open Borders Policy Drives Illegal Crossings Off The Charts

So if the Title 42 illegals are not expelled due to the Biden Open Borders policy, an additional 100,000 illegals will be coming to the US each month. This could mean illegal border crossing could jump nearly 50% higher from where they’re already off the charts rate today. See in the video below an overview of what is happening today.

U.S. Government Sets Record For Most Taxes Taken In… And It’s Still Not Enough

The federal government ran a deficit of $668,267,000,000. That is because the government spent $2,790,254,000,000 during the period. The spending is running about $400bn under projections, and revenue is running about $200bn better than projected. However, this assumes that spending and tax collections will be linear throughout the year, and no other budget provisions are passed by Congress.

If the Jada and Will Smith ‘Open Marriage’ Seems Problematic to You, Good… Because It Is

If it is just a few having marital indiscretions, it probably wouldn’t matter. But, trickles of water turn into streams, then into rivers, and then becomes an ocean. Does an ocean of marital indiscretions become a problem for the greater society? No doubt that marital indiscretions often end in divorce and subsequent single-parent homes – not to even consider other issues that may arise.