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It’s Cool to be Conservative

If you’re invited to two parties — do you go to the one where everyone is mad and shouting — or do you go to the one where everyone is happy and laughing? 

My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

As my friends complain, I keep reminding them that this is what they asked for. They’re beginning to realize they helped create this mess and they’re feeling a bit like that guy that gave the Nigerian prince $1,000 — embarrassed!

Time to Change the Way Congress Writes Bills

The recent passing of the $1.9 trillion relief package by House Democrats exposes, once again, the corrupt method used routinely to ensure passage of legislation that is weak or politically biased.

Is It Time to Go Galt?

Go Galt; you’ll be happier, free from worry about being canceled, and likely more successful. We don’t need to stop the motor of the world. We just need to stop the motor of the left.

Donald Trump: Destroyer of the Clinton Dynasty

The Democrats have moved the Clintons from the asset column to the liability column on their political ledger. They are flushing them down the drain like spoiled milk (which still smells better than the stench of the Clinton Foundation).