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Super Bowl Ratings Continue to Crash, as the Left Scratch Their Heads

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It’s not the product they’re putting on the field, it’s not the quality of the broadcasts, and it’s not some sort of national distraction that’s been driving us away in droves. There is one, overwhelmingly obvious issue that has caused the NFL’s ratings freefall: their wokeness.

Abortion and Male Moral Cowardice

Women who choose life under stressful circumstances have taken the more difficult path and they will always bear the greater burden. Men should walk that way, too.

Prayer v. Marxism

That idea of a higher power, above the government, above a king, is the real beginning of our nation. It’s the core reason Marxism hates religion: no person is subordinate in the eyes of God.

The Twitter Censorship Will Be an Unending Assault on Free Speech

It is only by reducing the number of active Twitter accounts that we can successfully fight back. That will hit them in the pocketbook and either a competitor like Parler will become the more attractive alternative, or Twitter will have to permanently return its policies to their original free state.

The Art of Being Offended

I am offended because I have to qualify everything, every utterance and act, because people who don’t know me will make presumptions about my character if I am not sufficiently woke or apologetic. We used to call that prejudice.

“I Can’t Hear You!”… The Left & Freedom of Speech

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It’s one thing for children to stick their fingers in their ears when they don’t want to hear unpleasant opinions and information, but it’s quite another for grown-up billionaires to force silence on those with whom they disagree.