Friends of The BSC

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The Blue State Conservative is committed to the principles of Conservatism, and we seek to spread and share those principles by various means. We welcome partnerships with other, like-minded Conservatives.

Our Friends

The Last Best Hope

A blog from Parker Beauregard at

Parker began his blog at approximately the same time as The Blue State Conservative. He writes cultural commentary for ordinary Americans. He has been published by American Thinker, Liberty Nation and the Right Wire Report. You can contact him at

Gen Z Conservative

A conservative blog at

Gen Z Conservative is a college student who is originally from Atlanta, GA. He now lives now live in Virginia as he attends college, and is a double major in politics and accounting.

As Gen Z Conservative explains, “Almost no older people know that a large percentage of Gen Z is conservative. Or that there are many conservative students on college campuses. Instead, we are all viewed as liberals. I hope to use my website to spread the truth about Gen Z and Gen Z conservatives.”


The official website of cartoonist Will O’Toole at

Will O’Toole is a beloved husband, father, teacher, sports cartoonist and journalist who has been utilizing his love of cartooning for many years to bring joy and laughter to all around him. His cartoons encumber a number of topics such as sports, politics, entertainment and many other forms of media. He has written and drawn for publications and websites such as NESN, YES Network, CBS Sports,,, and where his endearing and wacky characters found a home. His book, Zooverbs, is a chance to combine these caricatures with an array of animal verbs for students and kids of all ages, young and old, big and small to expand and enrich their vocabulary and writing while sharing many laughs along the way.