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Friends of The BSC

Photo by fauxels from Pexels


The Blue State Conservative is committed to the principles of Conservatism, and we seek to spread and share those principles by various means. We welcome partnerships with other, like-minded Conservatives.

Our Friends

The Last Best Hope

A blog from Parker Beauregard at

Parker began his blog at approximately the same time as The Blue State Conservative. He writes cultural commentary for ordinary Americans. He has been published by American Thinker, Liberty Nation and the Right Wire Report. You can contact him at

Gen Z Conservative

A conservative blog at

Gen Z Conservative is a college student who is originally from Atlanta, GA. He now lives now live in Virginia as he attends college, and is a double major in politics and accounting.

As Gen Z Conservative explains, “Almost no older people know that a large percentage of Gen Z is conservative. Or that there are many conservative students on college campuses. Instead, we are all viewed as liberals. I hope to use my website to spread the truth about Gen Z and Gen Z conservatives.”


A news aggregation site at

“The main news page can be found by clicking here. It is the best link news site on Earth. Yes..we’re biased in that description, but we’re honest. Try it out. This section though is the video and blog sub-domain of Whatfinger News. Originally it was our own personal thumbs up, thumbs down or the middle finger ratings on just about anything and everything. We also highlight FOX, CNN, Rebel Media, Mark Dice, Black Pigeon and most other news sources with videos and commentary for your enjoyment.”

NewsAmmo – Conservative News Aggregator

A news aggregation site at

Begun in 2018, NewsAmmo was created for the following purpose: “I wanted an easier but complete way to keep up with conservative news. We all have a few news websites we tend to visit most, but that doesn’t show the whole picture. For example, there are articles from 30 websites on NewsAmmo. No one is going to visit 30 sites for news every day, but if we have a preview of the headlines we can see which articles we are interested in reading. So the goal is to make conservative news more accessible for everyone.”


The official website of cartoonist Will O’Toole at

Will O’Toole is a beloved husband, father, teacher, sports cartoonist and journalist who has been utilizing his love of cartooning for many years to bring joy and laughter to all around him. His cartoons encumber a number of topics such as sports, politics, entertainment and many other forms of media. He has written and drawn for publications and websites such as NESN, YES Network, CBS Sports,,, and where his endearing and wacky characters found a home. His book, Zooverbs, is a chance to combine these caricatures with an array of animal verbs for students and kids of all ages, young and old, big and small to expand and enrich their vocabulary and writing while sharing many laughs along the way.

American Thinker

American Thinker is a daily internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans. Contributors are accomplished in fields beyond journalism and animated to write for the general public out of concern for the complex and morally significant questions on the national agenda.

There is no limit to the topics appearing on American Thinker. National security in all its dimensions — strategic, economic, diplomatic, and military — is emphasized. The right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us. Business, science, technology, medicine, management, and economics in their practical and ethical dimensions are also emphasized, as is the state of American culture.

The Western Journal

Founded in 2009 originally as Western Journalism, The Western Journal is an online news publication consisting of news, commentary and analysis. Other sections of The Western Journal include Conservative Tribune (political and cultural commentary), Liftable (lifestyle and uplifting stories) and The Wildcard (sports news and commentary).

The Western Journal focuses on topics that Heartland Americans care about. As many Americans continue to lose trust in the purportedly unbiased nature of older newspapers and networks, The Western Journal is rapidly filling the gap as a trusted source of news and information for the stories and views that remain untold by establishment news sources.

Human Events

Human Events is a conservative, American political news/analysis newspaper and website, and was founded in 1944. It is a comprehensive publication that provides news and commentary on our culture and politics. Will Chamberlain is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, and Ian Miles Cheong is Managing Editor.