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Is It Any Wonder? Confidence In Our Institutions Plummets – To Nobody’s Surprise

Between “fake news” attacks on Trump, and gaslighting for Biden, everybody can see what they’re up to, and nobody believes them anymore. They haven’t just lost our confidence, they’ve also lost their credibility, and their influence. TV news has become the useful idiots who are no longer useful. Now they’re just a bunch of fools who’ve sacrificed their profession in the furtherance of misguided ideologies, which were destined to crash and burn anyway. Smart.

Pete Hegseth’s Hopeful War on “Education”

And this is just one of a multitude of stupid and astonishing narratives of history or science flowing through the sewers of schools as well as the media, which considers itself an arm and a light of erudition. Anyone sending a child out to be mentored by a public teacher or most private teachers is knowingly or unknowingly guilty of child abuse. The “media’ speaks for itself—and of course, badly (including the Republican favorite Fox).