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American Culture

Stand Your Ground, Republicans! Protect America’s Way of Life

As if all of this isn’t enough, now Americans are seeing a return of mask mandates from Los Angeles and the San Diego Unified School District to  Athens, Georgia and Lincoln, Nebraska [where we rode cows as kids] and on to Boston, Pittsburgh and Northampton. But no amount of perfect scientific evidence and data will dissuade these committed ideologically driven pro-mask radicals to permanently abandoning their lunatic notions. 

As Horrific As The Uvalde Tragedy Was, There’s An Even Greater Tragedy Being Ignored

However, in just a few decades America would descend to where mass shooting events are becoming common enough to replace duck and cover with active shooter training for police and lockdown drills in our schools. With gun control laws continuing to be added to the books showing little effect. If the violence has continued to increase, then it can’t be the guns but the willingness of a person to use them.

American Freakshow

The establishment hacks who Carlin despised said he was just a bitter old man at the end of his life, but he had zeroed in on the real problems in this country and who was most responsible, and they didn’t like it. I’m convinced anyone who wants to understand what has happened and is happening in this world just needs to read the words of Huxley, Orwell, and Carlin. They capture the zeitgeist of our times

From Wretched To Outrageous: New Mexico Woman Who Threw Baby In Dumpster Has Change Of Heart

We live in a society where sex has been sensationalized, childbirth has been trivialized, and human life has been minimized. Narcissism is applauded, and if babies are inconvenient, abort them. It’s all about you, and your life, young lady. Don’t worry about the precious life within you. Such incidents as these are enabled by such a mindset and are inevitable. The baby was already delivered? So, what? It’s just a baby.

If the Jada and Will Smith ‘Open Marriage’ Seems Problematic to You, Good… Because It Is

If it is just a few having marital indiscretions, it probably wouldn’t matter. But, trickles of water turn into streams, then into rivers, and then becomes an ocean. Does an ocean of marital indiscretions become a problem for the greater society? No doubt that marital indiscretions often end in divorce and subsequent single-parent homes – not to even consider other issues that may arise.

As The Left Trashes Our Culture and History, The Right Must Embrace It… And Educate Our Children Accordingly

As of today, the biased opponents to the curriculum have only succeeded in tarnishing America’s historical challenges, triumphs and remarkable achievements and demoralized a not-so-insignificant number of students from respecting their nation, let alone cherishing their unique inheritance as Americans. A nation that might have never been. A nation that is unlike any other in the world.

What Do The Shenanigans At Last Week’s Oscars Tell Us About Our Culture?

Is there anything at all about the Academy Awards that elevates the disadvantaged and marginalized in our poorest communities?  No.  Never has been, though.  The Smith assault itself was a loud air horn signaling open season on the crudest of reactions: random violence, and its potential for uncontrolled elevation.

One Of The Drivers Behind Our Society’s Woes: We Are Surrounded By Immoral Literary Fiction

After moderate success with novels like The Resurrection and The Wreckage of Agathon, Gardner found fame with the immensely popular Grendel, a telling of the Beowulf saga from the monster’s point of view, and The Sunlight Dialogues, in which a hippie-like character conveying Mesopotamian myths disrupts the lives of various townspeople much as was happening in the urban tumult of the late 1960s.