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American Education

Education In America: Should We Reform Or Replace?

We must recognize that we already have the power, and need simply to reclaim it.  We do that by making our demands known to officials and legislators, beginning with school boards, city officers, county officers, state legislators, and representatives.  We reclaim our power by creating the institutions we want without asking permission.  We don’t even need forgiveness.  We need faith, courage, and a willingness to stand firm in our convictions of what is right and tr

Pete Hegseth’s Hopeful War on “Education”

And this is just one of a multitude of stupid and astonishing narratives of history or science flowing through the sewers of schools as well as the media, which considers itself an arm and a light of erudition. Anyone sending a child out to be mentored by a public teacher or most private teachers is knowingly or unknowingly guilty of child abuse. The “media’ speaks for itself—and of course, badly (including the Republican favorite Fox).

Faustian Americans, The Devil, and His Teachers

The so-called right not only isn’t any better it probably is worse. Its pompous self-righteous stance is disgusting in its lies or its self-serving political stance. The Republicans were the fathers of the original Bureau of Education (1867) which was the bastard child of a Republican congress and the segregation of blacks and whites via the Freedmen Bureau and subsequent unconstitutional Morrill Act of 1862 (failed in 1857 via presidential veto).  

Remember That Slippery Slope They Said Was Non-Existent? Things Are Getting Pretty Slippery, Aren’t They?

Isn’t it time to ask, why? Why are Leftists so hellbent on changing the genders of perfectly healthy children? Why are they so committed to corrupting and confusing them?  Can’t they just leave them alone to make these decisions when they reach the age of consent? What sort of mentality is required to actively engage in medical experiments on other people’s children without their parents’ knowledge?

Hypocrisy: Parent Is Cut-Off At School Board Meeting For Reading Obscenity… But What Was She Reading? (VIDEO)

Parents get outraged, go to the school board, and the board ignores the complaints or makes excuses. Activists claim that calls to remove obscene material are book banning or book burning or censorship. Parents try to mobilize to replace board members but this takes several election cycles before a board majority can be flipped and at the end of the day the Left is better and more enflamed more often and for longer to keep their majority.

In Your Face – Ron DeSantis Shows Why He’s The GOP’s Next In Line [Video]

The law is about protecting children from leftist indoctrination. It mentions neither the word “gay” nor the word “homosexual,” and merely prohibits public school teachers from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation to kids in the third grade and younger. It’s not only a wholly appropriate bill, it’s a necessary one. But what really stood out about DeSantis’ signing yesterday was the way in which he did it. The pomp and circumstance of it all.

Understand “One’s Own Identity Groups”: Oregon Kindergarteners Inundated With Disgusting Identity Politics

This is a perfect example of how CRT has infiltrated our schools and is indoctrinating our children. Parents, wake up! You need to be vocal about your opposition to these standards and demand that your legislators do something about it. Our children are the future, and we need to make sure they are given a chance to grow up in a country where everyone is treated equally, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Oakland Students and Teachers On Hunger Strike, But Not For A Cause You’re Expecting

The problem of “declining enrollment” is one we’re seeing across the country, but particularly in blue states that were the most authoritarian in their approach to COVID, with school closings, and mask/vaccine mandates. When the schools closed, parents saw the poor educations their kids were receiving with their own eyes, and they’ve decided on alternatives such as home schooling and private schools for their children instead of sending them back to the same failing institutions.

Killing Civilization: Teaching Schoolkids ‘The Narrative’

It’s the result of deceivers “replacing instruction about facts with narrative stories.” The facts here reveal that there is no story. So the media simply withhold the facts and lean on the narrative, which through repetition makes people believe the facts are what they aren’t. Thus do we ever hear about the latest police shooting of a black suspect while the more common killing of white suspects is ignored.

The New Educational Rage: Identify Your Privilege Bingo

It reminds me of what in Philosophical Logic is known as the “Argument of the Beard,” which asks: How many hairs does it take to make a beard. If someone answers 500, the next question becomes: But how about 499? That’s only one hair’s difference. Why can’t that be a beard? If you allow it, then why not 498, and on and on. So how many boxes need to be checked to lead a fully privileged life?

A Premeditated Crime Against America’s Most Disadvantaged Children

The mutually back-scratching alliance between Democrats and teachers unions has cynically exploited urban school children for six consecutive decades. The harm they have inflicted on generations of America’s most disadvantaged young people has been so thorough, so devastating that it’s hard to conclude anything other than they couldn’t care less about the fate of the very children for whom they piously profess infinite concern.

Reflections Of A Red-Pilled, Retired Teacher: Benevolent Goddesses Governing The Apocalypse, Part 2

I’m sorry I didn’t know I was indoctrinated.  I’m learning to think for myself.  Be nice to the Benevolent Goddesses, but they might not always know what’s best for us. Some of the grown-up goddesses now fly their private jets into Davos, Switzerland to decide how they might manage climate change, corporate world governance, mandatory lockdowns on travel, population control, subjection of local governments (and voting)  for the rest of us. 

Protesting Parents Are Not ‘Domestic Terrorists’ And Will Not Be Intimidated

Parents have every right to expect that political and religious values taught at home should never be supplanted by those of their child’s teacher, and to therefore object in the strongest terms to their child being brainwashed with CRT, white privilege, The 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter, wokeness, multiculturalism, intersectionality, toxic masculinity, political correctness, cancel culture, identity politics and other victim vs. oppressor political themes that are used to induce white children to hate themselves, black children to hate white people, and children of all races to hate America.

Dems’ Solution To Fixing Schools? Lower The Bar… For Both Students And Teachers

So rather than insisting on black students receiving better educations so that they can score better on the standardized tests, they just eliminate those test results from the equation. The students in question haven’t been helped by the watering down of requirements, but those geniuses running the institutions – the ones with a slew of letters after each of their names – they sure feel better about themselves when sipping their wine and gobbling from the cheese plate at their dinner parties.