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American History

Continue Ignoring Our History And We Will Be Destined Repeat It

Today we have millions of people on the government dole in addition to the poor welfare folks that may need help.  Pushing paper is a way of life for millions of government employees that cannot be controlled.  Even the defense department is in the running for the “Incompetent and Unnecessary” Trophy. In WW2 there were 256 Admirals and 6000 ships in the Navy.  Today we have 359 admirals and 280 ships.   The Army had 2,000 generals for 12 million troops.

Remember, Texas… Remember The Alamo, And Remember The Righteous Fight At San Jacinto

As it turned out, Texas’s war for independence did not end on that single day. However, Santa Anna had been captured by Houston (who was wounded, himself). The bargain was that in return for not being executed (which Houston’s army was clamoring for) Santa Anna would order all remaining Mexican troops to remain outside of San Antonia and ultimately withdraw south.

As The Left Trashes Our Culture and History, The Right Must Embrace It… And Educate Our Children Accordingly

As of today, the biased opponents to the curriculum have only succeeded in tarnishing America’s historical challenges, triumphs and remarkable achievements and demoralized a not-so-insignificant number of students from respecting their nation, let alone cherishing their unique inheritance as Americans. A nation that might have never been. A nation that is unlike any other in the world.

The Left Chooses to Forget, But Midway and D-Day are Still Important

he world was pushed into WW2 and our boys went on to win with great help from the famers still at home.  Yes, it was the farmers.  The generosity and hard work saved a hostile government.  Our Lend-Lease program of food sent to Russia fed the entire country, not just the soldiers, for the equivalent of a year.  Without our food added to what they could grow and salvage, Russia would have starved and the eastern front would have collapsed.