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America's Military Heroes

An Open Letter To The Secretary of Defense And Pentagon Leaders

The draft was ended soon after the end of the Vietnam War, 50 years ago, and we have now transitioned to a volunteer military.  These servicemen and women have joined to defend our rights and liberties from our enemies, not to have their own rights stripped from them.  Gone are the days when the orders of a superior must be obeyed without question or else.

Afghanistan Is Falling, But Politicians Aren’t The Only Ones At Fault

The Afghans are culturally backward and will never be a model of Western Civilization. They are tribal, politically unreliable and corrupt, avoid strong alliances unless someone is standing on their collective neck or gives them bags of money, have a chief export of one of the worst substances known to man (heroin). They kill young girls for attending school and call such abominations honorable.

The Left Chooses to Forget, But Midway and D-Day are Still Important

he world was pushed into WW2 and our boys went on to win with great help from the famers still at home.  Yes, it was the farmers.  The generosity and hard work saved a hostile government.  Our Lend-Lease program of food sent to Russia fed the entire country, not just the soldiers, for the equivalent of a year.  Without our food added to what they could grow and salvage, Russia would have starved and the eastern front would have collapsed.