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Thousands March For Life Across The Country, And The MSM Ignores It… Again

Every January, for decades, Americans around the country descend on frigid Washington D.C. to make their Pro-Life voices heard, or perhaps opt to join in on a smaller, local protest. And every year, the mainstream media does everything they can to ignore the Right To Life March. This year is no exception, as we saw with yesterday’s coverage.

Revisiting Roe V Wade: SCOTUS Is Facing A Critical Decision

As a Christian I favor no abortion but find myself in the position of the Founders on slavery – do what we can for now and try to get what we really want later on. I personally have long held that anything beyond the heartbeat + brainwave test is too late to abort. If I understand the science right, a fetus has both brainwave and heartbeat at about the third month. That should be the decision point, on the reasoning that once brainwaves are present it’s no longer a “fetus” but a “baby,” hence a person, hence aborting it would be murder.

A Conversation About Abortion With My Uber Driver

In the interest of full disclosure to one of their most important identity politics voting blocs—women who dread an unwanted pregnancy—Democrats should demand that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics show every troubled young woman who comes through the door the video below of board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Anthony Levatino describing the gruesome procedures carried out each year on hundreds of thousands of unlucky babies

Texas Challenges the Murder Monopoly

Hollywood hates you. They hate the flag. They hate anything and everything American. Especially the work of the classic America that Hollywood ironically used to produce and showcase. Classic America captured in cinema and television reflected the same values, quality of life, and the highest standard of living that a free people created.

The Politics of Abortion And The Lone Star State Scuffle

And still no one speaks to the moral issue of abortion, the great issue of our time.  Abortion by definition is an existential issue.  It is genocide of the poor, a practice supported by the elites who count votes, first.  Women vote.  Babies do not.

Notre Dame Rejects Biden as the Tide Continues Turning with the Abortion Debate

Many attribute the swing in public opinion to the advent of ultrasound, which is a point with some validity. Anyone who’s ever had the honor of being present when an expectant mother goes through the procedure understands the magic of ultrasound. Being able to see a child in the womb is a marvel, and is enough to make one weepy; God’s handiwork on full display.

The Abortion Debate: Yes, Men Should and Must Weigh-In

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Motherhood may be the single-most beautiful example of God, of nature, and of humanity. It is the very essence of love. Childbirth and motherhood are simply magical, and they are a blessing that can only be experienced by women. Men can never experience what mothers do. Instead, we are left to marvel at the miracle of motherhood and to do everything we can to support and protect it.