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Biden is Weaponizing Government

NBC’s Resident Failure Chuck Todd Dumbfounded Over Latest Polling Data

When Americans were asked “why politicians run for office – to serve the community,” overall, only 21% believe they do – Democrats at 19% and 24% for Republicans. Furthermore, when Americans were asked “why politicians run for office – to serve personal interests,” overall, 65% said yes – Democrats believed 66% and Republicans believed 63%. At last, something that is agreed upon by both Democrats and Republicans.

Garland Weaponized The Department Of Injustice

Instead of doing anything that truly makes schools safer and better in America, they inundate our children with homoerotic curriculum and Critical Race Theory trash that is as vile, evil, and immoral a thing as one will ever witness, in a nation that is supposedly ranked number one in education globally, although our children can’t do math and science. Then they have the gall to act as if they have been attacked and victimized when parents arrive at school board meetings to angrily confront the evil they have facilitated and perpetrated.