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Biden Polls

Disastrous! Biden’s Approval Rating Hits A New Low, But A Closer Look Shows Even Worse News

For Gen Z and Millennial voters, only 21% approve of the job he’s doing with an almost 3:1 ratio compared to the 60% who disapprove. Biden is performing even worse in this demographic than he is with the overall population which is utterly remarkable considering this group was so enthusiastic about Biden’s candidacy and largely responsible for his victory twenty months ago.

It’s Not Just The U.S. Where Biden Is Polling Poorly… How To Say “Let’s Go Brandon” In Five Languages

The gas price crisis around the world can be directly linked to the Biden Administration’s far-left energy policies. Europeans would be fools if they didn’t feel less safe with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which was a direct result of Vladimir Putin being emboldened by Biden’s Afghanistan fumble. And the woke insanity from America’s left has gone too far for even the Europeans, who are shifting away from our leftists’ bizarre transgender ideology.

Not All Of Biden’s Numbers Are Down, Some Are Up… Way Up

Numbers do not lie, and if the latest poll numbers for Biden are to be believed, he and the rest of the Democrat Party have some rocky roads ahead. Someone would have to do something pretty bad to have a 38% approval rating, but in Biden’s case, he just had to be himself. How much lower will this number fall as some of these other numbers continue to rise? Let’s watch the downward spiral together.