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Big Government is Incompetent

Amtrak’s Decay: Crashes And Aging Infrastructure Illustrate Government Incompetence

For example, a civil engineer plans and manages a large bridge construction with transportation routes that help people move from one region to another at a more affordable cost. A contractor leads and supervises the building of a multistorey apartment for young professionals. A builder, as a team player, responsible for the on-site task of physically building the apartment.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust A Government – Any Government

We must not give up hope.  The progress down the road to tyranny is not certain and a new path to liberty can still be made.  We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to make the effort.  Previous generations have paid the price for our freedom many times over, but it is not a price to be paid once and forever.  Each generation must pay their price or forfeit all that has been won.