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Blue State Flight

DeSantis: People Are Moving To States That Value Freedom

A report from national moving company North American Moving Services revealed that Illinois, New York, and New Jersey were the top three outbound states in 2020, with Idaho, Arizona, and Tennessee receiving the highest share of incoming residents among states. The top five outbound states were rounded off by California and Maryland , where the inbound-outbound ratios were 36%-64% and 39%-61% respectively, while North Carolina and South Carolina stood among the five highest inbound states.

The Great Conservative Migration

Why are the Democrats and the media (to be redundant) saying the migration is turning red states blue?  I think they’re trying to gaslight themselves.  They desperately want to believe that states like Texas, Florida, Idaho, and Utah are turning blue because the alternative is terrifying.  Maybe they should move to Oregon and try some of that legal cannabis.