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California Slavery Reparations

Insane: California Just Got One Step Closer To Slavery Reparations

Whatever handout they provide based on yesterday’s report will only encourage more actions. Within a couple of years there will be another task force established to determine the effectiveness of the first task force and its subsequent legislation. This nonsense will continue for as long as identity politics is an effective strategy. Which is to say, this silliness will go on until Democrats are voted out of office.

California Task Force Votes In Favor Of Slavery Reparations… Stating This Is Only “The First Step?”

Slavery was a despicable institution and is the ‘original sin’ of the United States. It was awful, and so was Jim Crow. But slavery ended 157 years ago, and Jim Crow ended 58 years ago with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This reparations scheme isn’t about making up for the sin of slavery, it’s about implementing a far-left agenda. It’s only the “first step” in moving us towards full-blown socialism.