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Capital Punishment

Pick Your Poison: South Carolina Death Row Inmate Chooses Method For His Execution

Richard Bernard Moore is set to be executed on April 29th, and per South Carolina law he has been given the option to choose between the electric chair and firing squad for his mode of death. Moore has opted to die by firing squad, which means he’ll face a team of three prison guards armed with rifles pointed at his heart. Moore would be only the fourth American to die by firing squad since 1976.

It’s Not Easy Being Anti-Death Penalty: Baltimore Woman Found With Decomposing Bodies Of Two Children In Trunk

For those who vocally oppose abortion, we do so on behalf of the most innocent among us: unborn children who can’t speak for themselves. For those who vocally oppose capital punishment, they do so on behalf of the least innocent among us: evil creatures such as Nicole Johnson. The doctrine of the Catholic Church does indeed recognize degrees of sin, and in the case of taking human lives there can be no more obvious distinction of degrees than when comparing these two situations.