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It’s Beginning to Look Like Enemy Action

Dong has allegedly provided the names of Chinese spies working or attending universities in the U.S.  He claims that a third of Chinese students in this country are actually PLA assets.  To validate his claims, Dong has provided financial records showing which businessmen and public officials have received money from the Chinese Government.

A Slap in the Face: The UK is Selling Billions in Military Tech to the CCP

This is the equivalent of the Venetians selling the Ottomans crossbows, Honeywell execs sending military tech to China, or of Israel selling the Red Chinese air-to-air missile tech. It is weakening us, the West, and strengthening our greatest enemy. The UK must be reigned in if it wants to keep its “special” relationship with the US.

China Joe and the Wuhan Virus: A Search for the Truth

A year ago, President Trump was referring to the COVID Virus as “the China Virus” and “the Wuhan Virus”, but China’s President Xi and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party adamantly denied, denied and denied some more. And rather than following President Trump’s lead and the intelligence on the matter, our mainstream, anti-Trump, Leftist media followed the Chinese propaganda machine.

China Owns America: The Shameful Auctioning Off of America’s Power

A deep sense of malaise seems to have settled over America. Our politicians, from Biden at the top to lowly state-level bureaucrats like Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensberger, are corrupt and sneer at us plebes for pointing to their corruption as evidence that they’re not our betters and that China owns America and its politicians. The media lies to us.