Chinese Tyranny

German Vice-Admiral Sent Packing For Saying It’s China, Not Russia, Who Are Real Threat

It might seem like common sense to say that the West needs a) all the help it can get in taking on the Red Chinese menace and b) should focus on fighting Red China rather than stirring up unnecessary trouble with Putin’s Russia, especially since Russia would be a natural ally in the fight against China. That is, more or less what Navy chief Kay-Achim Schönbach said while speaking at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA), an Indian defense institute. According to the Hindu Times, he said that:

We Can Learn So Much From A Turkish Immigrant

Then there is Enes Kanter, or you might know him by his new name, Enes Kanter Freedom. Freedom changed his name a couple of weeks ago as he took the oath to become a United States citizen. Enes came to America from Turkey in 2009 to attend school and play basketball. Currently, he is playing for the Boston Celtics and is using his public exposure to call out corrupt governments like China and Venezuela.