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Confederate Soldiers weren't traitors

In Southern Service: Misconceptions About The Confederacy And Her Soldiers

When trying to determine a person’s motivations, its best to go straight to the source when possible. Princeton historian Dr. James McPherson, who had researched 25,000 personal letters and 249 diaries of Confederate soldiers, discovered the main theme referenced was ‘Liberty” as they saw and defined it at the time. And many a letter from Union soldiers talk about the desire to preserve the Union

Should We Be Honoring the Confederacy? Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Then Weigh-In

There are exceptions to doing the right thing that mar the community’s ability to correct an injustice. Toppling statues and spray-painting vulgarities, like the insanity of last summer, are acts of intimidation and aggression no different than erecting the statues in the first place. On one hand there are miscreants hiding behind masks and mobs and on the other there are politicians babbling about heritage.