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Conservative Pushback

What Is A Conservative, And Why Would Anyone Be One?

Conservatives continuously prove the Left wrong simply by doing things that work- things that are contrary to the narratives of the Left.  Socialism is a prime example.  The Left blames the failures of Socialism on the bad example of the success of capitalism and the operation of conservative principles.  Rather than acknowledge that Socialism is wrong, they seek to eliminate capitalism so there will be no standard of comparison.  Progressivism means never having to say you’re sorry.

Why Do We Care? Why Do We Fight?

I wrote recently about one of our local department of education staff, and I still find his bio offensive. Is it necessary to label or identify himself as a black, Latinx, bisexual, cisman?. I would never describe myself as white, European lineage, heterosexual, male. I am a person and would hope to be accepted as such. When somebody strives for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, don’t labels on people negate their effort?

The Silent Majority Is Going to Get Loud

In 1969, Richard Nixon asserted that there was a large group of Americans who held traditional American values and who voted but avoided public attention. He called them the “silent majority.” His reelection proved his theory correct. That majority still exists and is beginning to react to our current political environment.