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COVID Hysteria

The Continuing Push For COVID Hysteria Is Like A 1980s Pyramid Scheme On Steroids

Clearly, the momentum is drying up. Our hosts are excoriating us to get vaccinated and take boosters and maybe even wear masks and prepare to be locked down again. They want a vaccine registry so they can attack the unvaccinated. They keep stirring up new variants and boosters and hype but it is not working. Those who were going to buy in have bought in. New “investors” are seeing the terrible return on investment and simply aren’t buying what the hypesters are selling. They smell a skunk.

Professional Sports Again Prove The Folly Of Vaccines And “COVID Protocols”

When are these organizations going to stop pretending that the young and healthy have ever been in any serious danger from the Wuhan Virus? Much of the rest of the U.S.—at least those of us on “team reality”—have long understood what this virus really is, and who’s at risk from it. Cancelling games, pulling players, more widespread testing, and the like is nothing more than further pandemic theatre.

Fury, Rising: The Promotion Of COVID Panic Is About To Backfire

Meanwhile, the emerging reality of Omicron is that it has a much lower transmission coefficient than its predecessor, the Delta variant, and produces only mild symptoms of illness. Someone should tell Acting President Fauci that Halloween is over and he can stop trying to scare everybody. Anyway, two federal judges rendered decisions striking down Acting President Fauci’s vaccine mandates.

French Research and Real-World Data Counter Omicron Hysteria

In Australia, “New South Wales state authorities reported that two travelers from South Africa to Sydney had become Australia’s first omicron cases.  Both were fully vaccinated, showed no symptoms.”  A person in San Francisco was reported to have traveled from South Africa, had mild symptoms and had been vaccinated.  Interestingly, officials said they had contacted everyone who had close contact with the person and they had all tested negative.