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COVID Politicization

WARNING: If You’ve Had A COVID Vaccine/Booster, What This Article Presents May Cause You Stress And Anxiety

The comparison of blood samples from unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals by means of dark-field microscopy showed noticeable changes in the blood of each person who had been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines. This was evident even if those people hadn’t at that point displayed any visible reaction to the vaccinations. Complex structures similar to those in the vaccines were found in the blood samples of the vaccinated. Using artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis, the difference between the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people was confirmed.

The Continuing Push For COVID Hysteria Is Like A 1980s Pyramid Scheme On Steroids

Clearly, the momentum is drying up. Our hosts are excoriating us to get vaccinated and take boosters and maybe even wear masks and prepare to be locked down again. They want a vaccine registry so they can attack the unvaccinated. They keep stirring up new variants and boosters and hype but it is not working. Those who were going to buy in have bought in. New “investors” are seeing the terrible return on investment and simply aren’t buying what the hypesters are selling. They smell a skunk.

Ouch! Joe Rogan’s Takeaway From COVID Tyranny Is Not What Democrats Wanted To Hear

Rogan’s advice may raise some eyebrows on both sides of the political aisle, but it’s also understandable. Rogan got a front-row seat to the COVID hysteria and became Democrats’ enemy number one for a couple of weeks earlier this year thanks to his skepticism about the vaccines. When has-been rocker Neil Young decided to put forth his ‘me-or-him; ultimatum to Spotify, the leftwing mob came at Rogan with their pitchforks raised, but Rogan prevailed.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Mass Murderer

These doctors treated 100’s of thousands of high-risk covid patients with near elimination of hospitalization and death with early treatment and great reduction of in-hospital death with best-known practice. EVERY ONE OF THESE DOCTORS DEMONSTRATED AN END TO THE “pandemic.” 100% EASY FOR fda, cdc, nih, who AND fauci to see and know the Way to END the pandemic. Which they et al., willfully, with full knowledge presented to them, chose NOT TO DO while “they” sabotaged treatment protocols and doctors using life-saving protocols

Pandemic Justice Long Overdue Because Of Crimes Against Humanity

We need the truth movement to demand pandemic justice.  Simply put this means demanding criminal prosecution of the great many evil people, such as Fauci and all the top officials of CDC, FDA and NIH and public health agencies who intentionally forced unsafe, ineffective and useless actions that have ruined lives and democratic government. CDC changed the definition of vaccine to allow gene therapy drugs to be called vaccines.

COVID Vaccine Propaganda Busted – High Deaths and Cancers

It’s important to always remember that VAERS likely only reports as little as 1 percent of actual impacts because it is voluntary and burdensome reporting that most doctors and others do not take the time to use. Brian Shilhavy, who is the editor of Health Impact News, traced his steps in the search providing links to documentation of his various findings. Having first queried the cases of “the most common cancers [that] had been reported following COVID-19 vaccines,” he found “837 cases of cancer, including 88 deaths, 66 permanent disabilities, and 104 life-threatening events.”

Democrats, Big Pharma, And The Mainstream Media: Pee Wee Herman for the Defense

Bump, like all Liberal attack mutts, cannot see their shallow selfies as they type with fists, trying vainly to conjure up the next great Put Down. They are strategically blind to the lessons most of us learned in Debating Class: the first to employ ad homonyms has just announced his defeat. Failure to bring factual rebuttal, instead opting for name-calling in place of sustainable fact is intellectually flaccid, emotionally immature, and, more importantly, a losing strategy.

Houston, We Have A Problem: The Demise Of Medical Excellence And Our Ongoing Quack Attack

Any M.D. who even hints that a mask will prevent virus passage either failed any basic physics course he may have taken or had a fool for a physics professor.  This subject covers only a small part of any doctor’s “un-education.”  He also may have missed the day the atomic periodic table was discussed in basic chemistry. If these two are true his mastery of any laws of thermodynamics is blotto. Better off taking yourself to the vet, as previously said.

Vitamin D Could Have Stopped COVID Pandemic

Meanwhile, vitamin D supplementation significantly reduces complications and deaths. Irrespective of the regimen, initial bolus or loading doses of vitamin D and/or calcifediol should follow a daily or weekly, longer-term maintenance regimen. The described schedules in the three tables are highly cost-effective ways to raise serum 25(OH)D concentrations and maintain it to keep the immune system on high alert.

Buyers’ Remorse: Number Of Americans Who Regret Vaccination Is Increasing

Zogby recently sampled a group of Americans to get their thoughts on their COVID vaccine experience. Fifteen percent said they’ve been diagnosed with another ailment or condition within weeks of receiving The Jab. Thirty percent say they know someone who had. Among those under age 50 – 62% report receiving a COVID-19 vaccine vs. 38% who have had none. Among those receiving any COVID-19 vaccine, almost one quarter — 22% — report being medically diagnosed within a matter of weeks to several months after taking a shot.

We’re Being Lied To! It’s Neither Safe Nor Effective

The U.S.S. Titanic has already hit the iceberg and is rapidly taking on water. There are not nearly enough lifeboats or rescue ships close enough to help. Captain Biden meanders in the wheelhouse after shitting his pants, while his first mate Harris is producing a word salad while laughing hysterically at the situation. The band, led by Jerome Powell, continues to play by printing and buying back what they print in a futile effort to keep the ship of state afloat.

Healthy 40-Year-Olds Around The Globe Are Suddenly Collapsing – Why?

Since the start of the mass jabbing process, we have learned the side effects of the Pfizer–BioNTech injection activating latent viruses, including hepatitis C and shingles, or the side effect of the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot reactivating a herpes virus called cytomegalovirus. Interestingly enough, Moderna recently announced that it was testing a new vaccine to prevent cytomegalovirus because it is “the leading infectious cause of birth defects in the United States.”

Boom! Unvaxxed American Baseball Player Rips Into Canada’s Mandate With Hilarious Statement [Watch]

But those who support vaccine mandates aren’t concerned with individual freedoms. They don’t give a damn about one’s own opinions and experiences. Similar to their embrace and promotion of abortion, for the pro-vax-mandate crowd, receiving the COVID jab is a secular sacrament. It’s not about protecting oneself against a virus, it’s about kneeling at the altar of governmental control and acknowledging the primacy of the so-called “greater good.”

There’s A New Global Pandemic, But No One Seems To Care; Why?

That wasn’t true for Richard Gard, 67, who lives just outside New Haven, Conn., a self-described “very healthy and fit” sailor, scuba diver, and music teacher at Yale University who contracted COVID in March 2020. He was the first COVID patient treated at Yale New Haven Hospital, where he was critically ill for 2½ weeks, including five days in intensive care and three days on a ventilator.

More COVID Waste: Biden White House Paying $10.6 Billion for Pfizer’s COVID-19 Paxlovid Flop

I had opined in an op-ed article a year ago that Cavazzoni would continue to make questionable decisions due to her close ties and extended history of employment in big pharma.  Most of Cavazzoni’s career shows her working as a non-scientist big pharma executive.   She also has a conspicuous lack basic scientific or research experience for holding such a critical public health position. Unfortunately, I was correct, but it’s the taxpayer that will bear the failed Paxlovid gamble.

Pushing Dangerous Drugs On Kids: It’s Not Just Dealers Anymore, It’s Our Government

There’s already plenty of data showing an abnormal rise of all-causes deaths in many countries. The life insurance companies have been reporting it for months. But the acquired immunodeficiency of the “vaccinated” will become too tangible and visible as the network effect takes hold and evermore Americans realize that people are dying all around them, loved ones, friends, friends of friends, celebrities in the news.

Of All The COVID Inanity, This Action From Our Government Is The Most Senseless

A study on actions in Israel conducted by the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis is worth noting.  It found that among surveyed parents only 37 percent intended to vaccinate their child (aged 5-11) against COVID-19 when the option became available, while 23 percent of parents were undecided and 40 percent had no intention to vaccinate their children.

The Impact And Logic Of Choosing To Remain Unvaccinated; Survey Results Are Fascinating

Participants reported extensive mental health problems that may have been compounded by the stigmatization and discrimination facing those who shunned COVID-19 vaccines. It also found that women, despite being unvaccinated for COVID-19, suffered menstrual and bleeding abnormalities that may have been associated with viral exposure, shedding, spike protein exposure or pandemic-related behavioral changes. Those who never wore masks reported the lowest levels of COVID-19 disease.

Frightening! Terrible, Fatal Brain Disease Linked to COVID Vaccines

As part of the natural cellular process, once the mRNA is incorporated into the cells, the cell will turn the mRNA instructions into a COVID spike protein, tricking the cells into believing that it has been infected so that they create an immunological memory against a component of the virus. However, the biological process of translating mRNA information into proteins is not perfect and immune to mistakes.

The Sorrow of Long COVID: Achieves Major Disability Status

I often criticize the mainstream media.  But it is significant and impressive that The Washington Post just did a major front-page story titled “Long covid could change how we think about disability.”  It makes a strong case that the millions of Americans suffering with long COVID have a legitimate physical disability.  In a real sense, the COVID pandemic has morphed into long COVID. 

Older Americans Greatly Harmed Despite High Vaccine Use

What is evident is that pandemic management by the health system lost its initial focus on saving the lives of the elderly.  Instead, the push has been on getting the whole population vaccinated for COVID even though the vast majority have no major risk from COVID.  But this approach makes money for the big drug companies, like Pfizer. 

Why the Vast Majority of Physicians Have Failed the Public

Instead, they have served the interests of Big Pharma, their corporate employers and government agencies, most clearly as big pushers of COVID vaccines. They do not follow or know the medical research on many pandemic issues. They either do not have the time or interest or skills to independently follow medical research.  Instead, they rely on big medical societies and government agencies. 

Major Medical Mystery: Why Some People Despite Exposure Don’t Get COVID

There are two main ways of explaining resistance to COVID.  One is that some people have strengthened their immune systems by any of a number of actions taken before or during the pandemic.  For example, some may have elevated levels of vitamin D in their blood by taking high doses of supplements.  The other explanation that appeals to medical researchers is that some people have a genetic makeup that gives them total defense against COVID infection.