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Kindergarten Teacher Tells Students When Babies Are Born, Doctors ‘Guess’ The Gender

When parents ask questions (the Ed complex calls this being bigoted), they get called names, end up on the blacklist, and may experience government intimidation. First from the teachers, then the school board, then the collective, and maybe even the US Attorney’s office of domestic terrorism. And that would be funny conspiracy theory fluff if we’d not already seen all of it.

What To Do Next: Do We Run, Hide or Fight to Make a Better World?

The principle here is that we are all given life and talents. To merely run and keep these hidden in fear – to focus on ourselves is not enough. We must fight to make a better world as well – become the profitable servant. This does not mean you engage and make friends with nefarious people – becoming unequally yoked. It is not a matter of one principle or the other – it is both.