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Cuomo is Robespierre

CONFIRMED: Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Cuomo Are Credible, But DA Refuses to Prosecute

Is it possible that Cuomo won’t face the consequences of his actions because he’s a former high-ranking government official and dedicated leftist? Because if the man was a Republican, there’s a decent chance his story would be on the news 24/7.
Life is good if you’re a liberal. It doesn’t matter if you’re “credibly” charged, nor what crime you may have committed. What matters is that you’re dedicated to destroying America as we know it.

The Fall Of The House Of Cuomo: Five Things We Learned

We now know that no only did Fredo repeatedly interview his brother on-air with softball questions throughout the dark days of COVID, he’s also served as an advisor to the governor, and in fact reportedly advised his brother to resign. There’s nothing wrong with being a political advisor, and there’s nothing wrong with being a journalist. But there’s very, very wrong if you’re doing both simultaneously. CNN is faced with a no-brainer decision here: fire Fredo. Now.

Stupidest Story Of The Week: Dems’ And Leftwing Media’s Damage Control On Cuomo

Prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Vice-President Kamala Harris have issued brief, tepid scoldings of Cuomo, but move on from the topic as soon as their compatriot questioners will allow. Considering the media’s complicity in the whole affair and their lack of journalistic inquisitiveness, this second option is clearly the most prudent to take if you’re a member of the Cuomo Choir.