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Cuomo's Getting an Emmy

Tucker Carlson Is Wrong On Chris Cuomo And Brotherhood

This may be a tough one to accept, but it actually is true that, paradoxically, you can’t do right by your family when putting them first. For example, too many parents today pander to their kids, spoil them, precisely because they’re not God-centered. Thus, instead of holding their kids to a Truth-oriented standard, they may kowtow to their sons’ and daughters’ emotion-based wants.

The Fall Of The House Of Cuomo: Five Things We Learned

We now know that no only did Fredo repeatedly interview his brother on-air with softball questions throughout the dark days of COVID, he’s also served as an advisor to the governor, and in fact reportedly advised his brother to resign. There’s nothing wrong with being a political advisor, and there’s nothing wrong with being a journalist. But there’s very, very wrong if you’re doing both simultaneously. CNN is faced with a no-brainer decision here: fire Fredo. Now.

Release the Kraken, COVID Vaccines, and General Observations of the Week

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Whatever voting irregularities, improprieties, and fraud occurred, we need to get to the bottom of them. Expose the perpetrators, prosecute them, and imprison them; no doubt. But getting our hopes up for something that looks increasingly unlikely to happen is not helping anyone. Knock of the hyperbole, tell us the facts, and give them to us straight.