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Democrat Dishonesty

Lies, Lies, And More Biden Lies: A Tale Of Two Tales

The most effective propaganda is propaganda that the reader already wants to accept. Most news outlets, governments, and politicians are aware of this reality. So, a measure of their sincerity can be taken by not paying attention to the words they use but by the actions they take. Don’t be fooled. The media and politicians undoubtedly have speech writers that have been well-trained and taught what words and tones affect the most influence and many have made a career at being able to “read the wind”.

The January 6 Committee Is Pushing Another Scandal That Isn’t

The committee wants to break attorney-client privilege because Eastman is obviously a criminal, since he works for Donald Trump and he is reported to have written a legal opinion that differs from that of the committee.  That certainly makes him a “threat actor” (per the DHS), but I’m not seeing how asserting the constitutional rights of his client makes him a criminal.