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So, Joe, You Say You Want To Unify Us…

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While Mr. Biden was ranting about something called “badacathcare” a few weeks ago, many of us scratched our heads in confusion. But earlier in the election cycle when Biden famously lectured, “You ain’t black,” his message was unmistakable, and it certainly wasn’t unifying. Similarly, when Biden was reminiscing about his past kids rubbed his hairy legs earlier in the campaign, many of us reflected on Biden’s more recent history, such as that time he preached “Mitt Romney’s gonna put y’all back in chains.” That statement wasn’t very unifying either. But let’s put that all behind us now, because Joe Biden has pledged to bring us together, and we all know that Good Ole’ Joe is a man of his word.

AOC Wants a List of Trump Supporters. What Will She Do with It?

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That should send chills down your spine. Not because Antifa is frightening; it’s not, it’s just a gang of underweight soy boys. No, it’s frightening because it means a member of the Democratic Party is planning on creating a blacklist of millions of Americans and then using Antifa, an armed group, to go harass those Americans. That is beyond the pale for America.

Weekend Conversation – Thoughts on Election Week

In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope explore the tumultuous week of the election. How are votes not counted immediately? How many votes are legitimate? What does this mean for the country? Parker and PF wade into the quagmire.

The Mainstream Media’s COVID Cover-up Continues

The Left and their media can’t afford to have President Trump’s positions legitimized. If someone comes out and backs Trump’s COVID-19 plans, the media have to cover it up. They have to discredit them, even if that means winking and nodding to Joe Biden’s absurd claim that 44,000 scientists/doctors are “nobody.”

When Democrats Hate What They Vote For

According to most reports, roughly 63 million Americans tuned in for the final presidential debate held on October 22. Millions more read coverage in the following days. There is no excuse for being unaware of what Biden not only said, but what he intends to do if he is elected.

Goliath was a Chump Compared to What Trump has Fought Against

If Donald J. Trump wins reelection today, it will make David’s defeat of Goliath look like a foregone conclusion. “Goliath got his ass kicked,” said the Philistine, “big deal.” Never in American history has a presidential candidate faced such committed, sustained, and malicious opposition from such formidable opponents. One could credibly argue that a Trump victory would be nothing short of miraculous considering the headwinds against which our 45th President has struggled. Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson was ho-hum compared to Trump’s challenges. Harry Truman’s defeat of Thomas Dewey was a walk in the park.

Philly on Fire, Barrett Confirmed and General Observations of the Week

I get the whole “Go to work in flip-flops and hang out by the office ping pong table at lunch” culture that Big Tech has going on. It must be a cool environment to work in, truly. But for those who missed it, Jack Dorsey was channeling his inner Jeff Spicoli during a televised Senate hearing that was watched by millions of people.

Trump is Trump, But Biden Wants You to Think He’s Someone Else

Joe Biden is the quintessential Washington D.C. swamp-dweller who is uncompromising in his craving for power . He wants you to think he’s someone else because he has a 47-year record with virtually no accomplishments to tout. He wants you to think he’s someone else because the real Joe Biden is not particularly electable. Don’t be fooled: we know who Joe Biden is, and he’s none of the things he’s pretending to be.

Slow Joe was Never Very Bright in the First Place

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But to simply dismiss Biden’s current incompetence as some age-related mental deterioration would be giving his previous mental capacity too much credit. Good ole’ Joe was never very sharp to begin with.