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Devin Kennemore

Liberal Repellant: How to Keep Your Red State Red

If your red State wants to protect itself from a massive influx of Liberals that want to come and soil it like they did their own home State, your State’s legislature and Governor need to start passing laws ASAP that make Liberal heads explode. Given the short-term (and likely long-term) success of Texas’ heartbeat law, pass one yourself.

Communication at the Speed of Light: Is it Really a Good Thing?

There is a phenomenon whereby people tend to believe the first thing they hear about something and then when a different explanation comes along, they are far less inclined to believe it. This is because people don’t like to admit that they have been duped. Because lies spread so quickly now, it is very difficult to overcome them with the truth. Consequently, rapid communication has had a negative overall effect on society.

What the Hell is the VAERS Database For?

The VERY SAME people who are pushing as hard as they can for 100 percent vaccination of the world population. Them and all their mindless, robotic shills called Medical Doctors. And all the government health agency tin pot tyrants across the land. And all the mainstream media shilling for the pharmaceutical industry and spouting wall-to-wall propaganda for the Deep State and the Biden Regime.

COVID Vs Nuremberg: Bullies, Tyrants, And Deadly Vaccines

The Nuremburg Code is not just some quaint old bit of history. It was created as a result of tyranny. It was created to protect humans from evil governments and evil people in government. It is real and just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

My Body, My Choice: Why Mandatory Vaccines Are Ridiculous

If the unvaccinated are unvaccinated purely by choice, then they have accepted the risk associated with that decision and no vaccinated person who disagrees with that decision need worry about them, since they themselves are protected by the vaccine. So, to all you vaccinated busybodies out there who are pissed at those of us not getting the vaccine, mind your own damned business!

Freedom: The Most Dangerous Idea of All

The only way to make sure everyone is absolutely safe is to put EVERYONE in prison. Since that isn’t practical, the next best way is to control every aspect of your life. How do you do that most efficiently? By scaring people into conformity. Let fear be the driver. How do you scare them? You threaten their safety.