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Yikes: English Government Prepares Citizens For Freezing Blackouts This Winter

The official line is this will not happen, but if it does, you may have no gas or electricity for a bit, here and there, but not often or for long. That’s very reassuring coming from a Western “Democracy.” Just imagine if we’d heard these things from some second or third-world concern facing the carbon reductionists looking to rustle their industrial Jimmies. Making electricity unaffordable or unobtainable in such a case would be racist.

“The Arrival of The Petro Ruble Is Upon Us” And What It Means For You

The best option for us is to close the borders to aliens and imported manufacturers.  We are able to be totally self-sufficient.  The rest of the world can sort out their own problems.  It will probably be for the better for all concerned.  The corporate ‘crats have forgotten that GM was the largest car manufacturer in the world.  US Steel dominated. Our oil industry still does.  The union brass needs to realize that they should shut up and not try to pad their own pockets.

This Little Pig Built a House Out of Straw… And Oil

And, sadly, as in farming, the energy bureaucrats have regulators and bureaucrats who don’t know the difference between a barrel of oil and a barrel of buckwheat batter.  It is as if Bonnie and Clyde were noted as insightful and thorough bank examiners. B &C didn’t help the banks. They helped themselves to the banks. And they sure as hell didn’t care how many lives were ruptured or lost.