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Ouch! Son’s Brutal Obituary For Dead Father… He Lived “A Long Life, Much Longer Than He Deserved”

We know that a man recently died at the age of 81, and that he will now be widely remembered as the man who had a blistering obituary written by his son. We know that a son, and perhaps several siblings, felt so damaged by their father’s parenting that there seems to be little, if any, grief now that the father is dead. And by the reactions of so many others, we also know that clashes like those amongst the Pfaffs are far too common.

Some Advice On Fatherhood… From An Imperfect Father

In other words, men, if you want things right between you and your children, you need to have things right with your wife. Prioritize your relationship with your wife! Your children need to see a proper, loving, healthy relationship with their parents. This will bring them much peace and joy (whether they even realize it at the time or not) and will be a tremendous help to them as they embark on their own marriages.

Six Observations on the Wonders of Fatherhood

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative reflect on Fathers’ Day and their roles as fathers as they discuss six observations regarding fatherhood.

Being Worthy of Fatherhood

All we can do is point the way, and we should take due care in making certain that the path we point to is well-trod and clear of danger.  Throwing up our hands when kids screw up is not parenting.  Asking questions, explaining consequences, real follow-up in action, being discerning and discriminating with activities and making subtle observations without judgment will go a long way.