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Defend The Honor Of That Woman! Wait, What’s A Woman?

To further illustrate the petty, phoniness of the matter, Will Smith appeared to laugh for 4 seconds before he was given the disapproving eye of his wife. Maybe she was more unhappy with her husband for laughing than with Rock, but Smith nevertheless changed his attitude on cue, took direction perhaps a little too well, and made a dramatic show of his indignation.

[Listen] Megan Rapinoe Has A Strange Approach To Mathematics On Chelsea Clinton Podcast

The reason why women soccer players are paid less than men soccer players is that the soccer teams that men play on bring in an exponentially higher amount of revenue. And the reason why those soccer teams make so much more than women’s soccer teams is that hundreds of millions of people around the world are fascinated with the competitiveness and athleticism of the men’s teams.

In Modern Day “Wokeness,” Not Even the Left is Safe

There is no doubt that the alliance between these three groups is solely based on having similar enemies, that enemy being the successful white male. Once these groups decide that their enemy is no longer a threat, then these three groups will have to attack each other as they will realize that silencing the white male was not the cause of their “oppression.”