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Florida Parents Rights Law

Disney Facing Financial Disaster As Anti-Woke Backlash Builds Across The Country

According to Bloomberg News, shares of Disney stock this year have dropped by a remarkable 28% as of Friday, only one-third of the way through the year. As Breitbart explains, 23.5% of that decline has come since the beginning of March, around the time when Disney CEO Bob Chapek inexplicably decided to bow to the wokesters in his company and pick a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Outrageous! Rhode Island’s Proposed Sex Education Curriculum Shows The Wisdom Of Florida Law

For parents that want to instill their own values in their 12-year-old sixth graders, government authoritarians like these Rhode Island lawmakers believe their indoctrination goals trump parental rights. They know better, and to hell with you and your Puritan outlook. What’s being discussed in Rhode Island right now will have a significant impact on the morality and fragile psyches of these young children, and it validates what Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican lawmakers did in Florida. In fact, it makes us wonder if DeSantis didn’t go far enough.

The Left Is Puzzled By Widespread Rejection Of Wokeness, As Polls Continue To Hammer Them

Their strategy requires their foot soldiers – aka the mainstream media – to kick off the hostilities by launching airstrikes: floating the basic concepts of a narrative on news broadcasts and opinion pages. Next, accomplices in woke corporate America and academia begin their all-out artillery assaults by parroting the media’s concerted talking points. Then, once defenses have been softened, in comes the left’s infantry, as elected officials across the fruited plain ramp up the rhetoric to a fever pitch.