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Fox News

King Hannity! Fox News Conservative Icon Sets New Bar For Longevity

Hannity’s tactics of no holds barred, in-your-face conservatism have served him well with both his syndicated radio show and the Fox News program. Over the years, he has frequently offered admiration for the late Rush Limbaugh as both a role model and trailblazer for his approach to conservative commentary, and that influence shows through regularly during his programs.

Fox News’ 2020 Betrayal Of Its Base In The 2020 Election

Since Trump had already explicitly criticized “white supremacy” (and this not the only occasion) long before that debate with Wallace and Biden, by asking that question Wallace was reinforcing Biden’s fact-checked objectively false narrative that Trump had not criticized white supremacy.  If one asks someone in public why they won’t deny beating their wife, one has, even if the charge is totally false, and even if he has already demonstrated that he doesn’t beat her, done the damage. 

Fox News Changed Our Culture: Happy 25th Anniversary

The country needs Fox News. Without it, there would be no balance of opinion. If all we had were the networks, CNN, and MSNBC, there would only be one biased view of the day’s happenings. It is no longer a debatable fact that news networks are biased. They corroborated to get Biden elected in 2020, and as his polls tumble, so do theirs. Fox is the other side of the equation.