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Globalist Elites

The Problem With The WEF And Other Globalists’ Plan For The Great Reset

The financial set now realized that all that was required for control of the US politically was to change coats occasionally and hire the boardrooms across Wall Street. This was accomplished very quickly by using a few slogans with song and dance routines across college campuses.  The recent step to determine the extent of this new dominance was the lockdown of the socialist states of the West by using an alleged health crisis as an excuse.

What’s Motivating Democrats, Globalist Elites, And Socialists? It’s Time To Pay Attention

The unfortunate thing is that the European Union plans that were so easily drawn up 30 years ago were totally in error. The ‘crats wanted a central authority to operate again. Leading WEF clowns felt entitled to inherit the throne of the Roman Emperor but it obviously will never occur.  Only fragmentation and an hourglass dripping towards disruption await the new rulers of the western society. Will the new common language be Chinese or Arabic?