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Government Greed

NBC’s Resident Failure Chuck Todd Dumbfounded Over Latest Polling Data

When Americans were asked “why politicians run for office – to serve the community,” overall, only 21% believe they do – Democrats at 19% and 24% for Republicans. Furthermore, when Americans were asked “why politicians run for office – to serve personal interests,” overall, 65% said yes – Democrats believed 66% and Republicans believed 63%. At last, something that is agreed upon by both Democrats and Republicans.

Is Your Bank Spying On You?

The illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration is releasing are into predominantly red states. The plan is that upon achieving citizen status, these new voters will align with the Left and turn these red states to Purple or Blue. I hope that this backfires. I hope these folks reject a life of Socialism and vote yes for the opportunity and a life based on individual freedoms.

Your Government Wants Your Money, But There Are Ways To Keep It Away From Them

Now the larger point, money and government.  How much is yours and how much will your congressman or councilman take from you for himself and his friends?  If we could find a legal way to not pay some of the tax burden, what would happen to the graft in government? Panic of course! There is only one way to stop a government from expanding and tyrannizing the citizens.  Starve it of money!