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NIH Suppressing Ivermectin Efficacy For Vaccine Mandate

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There are 82 studies listed on NIH website that specifically evaluated the efficacy of Ivermectin protocol. Some were as early as April 2020. Most of the studies appear to have been halted while a spot few provide detailed results. The vast majority of these trials were conducted outside of the US. Results show no adverse effects and a complete cure of CoVid despite inclusive comorbidities. Many are completed but offer no results – as though they were suppressed or shadow-banned.

United Nations Cries Foul: The 2030 Agenda Is Behind Schedule

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If you recall, the original plan by the Gates clan was to build futuristic cities from scratch. But the sheer cost has left the land vacant.   A brilliant new plan was developed;   destroy the largest cities run by democrats, and have taxpayers foot the bill to rebuild from scratch – beginning with ‘infrastructure’.   You know, that ‘racial inequality binfrastructure’ being allotted by Petey Piper.

What Will America Fight For?

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Today, schools prove their equity thru CRT, no grades, and a disproportionate failure among the black community to meet basic proficiency. This worsening proficiency escalated to the point of no return for many communities during school lockdowns.   Requiring Kindergartners thru Preteens to learn via a robotic remote clinical tactic failed miserably.

GREEN ENERGY: Pick Your Poison

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Solar is not exactly New York’s widget given the sun is not strong enough to dent the usage.   With the highest electricity rates in the country, New York is doing little to mediate their mandates.   As usage soars, the price will increase exponentially, leaving many without power… and the persons most affected will be the poor black and Hispanic populations.