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Not Satire: Leftists Advertising Horse Medicine As Safe And Effective For Abortions

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s almost as if medicines behave according to their own political biases. When medicines that win Nobel Prizes like ivermectin (but that can also treat animals) might threaten government officials’ control over the populace and perhaps diminish their authority for demanding the administration of unproven vaccines, those medicines are inherently dangerous.

I’m Not A Doctor… And Proud Of It

In America, ivermectin is a prescription-only drug whose status is controlled by the FDA. The drug is critical in Covid early treatment protocols. In the alphabet soup teams’ world view, however, any alternative form of treatment is a threat to the vaccines and must be suppressed. Thus there has been no early treatment option for most people in America. If they are diagnosed with Covid they are told to go home and come back when they are near death. (They don’t use those exact words.)

Ivermectin Delivered by A Novel Product

In addition to wide preventive use by the population, the product could also be administered to people identified as Covid-19 contact cases to protect them.  Here is another potential benefit: Assume that some people may continue to get ill with late stage COVID infection, even with a regular dose of IVM and come down with lung and breathing problems.  But research and clinical evidence shows that the anti-inflammatory property of IVM can treat such lung issues and prevent death.  Having IVM in the body for months could either prevent or greatly mitigate such late-stage problems, the major cause of hospital COVID deaths now.

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ivermectin

This is a medical disgrace.  This is the power of corporate medicine.  This situation exemplifies the loss of medical freedom.  This is the epitome of medical tyranny.  This is a total loss of medical ethics.  This is an extreme example of doctors failing to live up to their Hippocratic Oath.  They follow hospital rules and let their patients die without trying what has a medical justification.  Without doing what other doctors have successfully done.

Hospitals Choosing Patient Death Over Ivermectin

Seriously ill patients facing death from late stage COVID infection increasingly face hospital protocols that have a terrible record of saving lives.  In fact, nearly all such patients die.  This explains why over 1,200 Americans are dying every day from COVID.  In a week, more people die from late stage COVID than died in the 9/11 attacks. 

NIH Suppressing Ivermectin Efficacy For Vaccine Mandate

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There are 82 studies listed on NIH website that specifically evaluated the efficacy of Ivermectin protocol. Some were as early as April 2020. Most of the studies appear to have been halted while a spot few provide detailed results. The vast majority of these trials were conducted outside of the US. Results show no adverse effects and a complete cure of CoVid despite inclusive comorbidities. Many are completed but offer no results – as though they were suppressed or shadow-banned.

Document: FDA Colluding With The US Postal Service To Block Delivery Of Ivermectin 

Why inhibit use or access to something that is safe and will help? Why act like it’s not for people or that it’s dangerous when neither of those things was true? Again, the obvious response is that it does something they do not want to be done and what is that? It keeps people alive and negates the need for any additional pharmaceutical intervention.

Two Ivermectin Success Stories

On the political side he asked the reasonable question: “So why are President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, Anthony Fauci and the CDC trying to hide the truth?  Ivermectin can save millions of Americans from both COVID-19 and the risks of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Ivermectin can save our economy.  Ivermectin can save millions of jobs. Ivermectin can save trillions of dollars in costs from missed work, vaccines, hospitalizations and deaths.  I’m playing the role of Paul Revere.