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Jack Rail

Revisiting Roe V Wade: SCOTUS Is Facing A Critical Decision

As a Christian I favor no abortion but find myself in the position of the Founders on slavery – do what we can for now and try to get what we really want later on. I personally have long held that anything beyond the heartbeat + brainwave test is too late to abort. If I understand the science right, a fetus has both brainwave and heartbeat at about the third month. That should be the decision point, on the reasoning that once brainwaves are present it’s no longer a “fetus” but a “baby,” hence a person, hence aborting it would be murder.

The Rittenhouse Trial: Thankfully We Were Able To See The Shamelessness With Our Own Eyes

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The lying media can’t get away with its fabrications so easily when people can see the videos with their own eyes and don’t have to depend on reports by such unworthies as Joe Scarface and his posse of progressive harpies. These people have no allegiance to or interest in the truth or, for that matter, honesty; they have their side and that’s all they care about.

The Boss’ Wife

Kamala’s problem is that where most people store gray matter, she stores air. The girl is an airhead. She still thinks she’s starring in her junior class play. Jill’s problem is that her gray matter is oatmeal rather than brain circuits. She is a silo-head. That may explain why she thinks the veep is fresh alfalfa tempting her horny bastard of a husband.

On Being Joe Biden

ndeed, how can it feel to know you’re the least-loved man of your era? That no one who knows what you’re really about, at home or abroad, admires you or respects you or wants to be like you? That when you hobnob with foreign leaders, not one wants to stand next to you or hear your silly boasts or seek out your advice or win your approval or secure your friendship or even just pass the time?

What’s The Real Story Behind Our Open Border?

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For total armed control of the country, first provoke rebellion. Then nationalize the Texas National Guard to take away Abbott’s principle means of large-scale, organized intervention at the border. If the Guard rebels, which it probably would, use the already-suspect armed forces against them. The country would be in big time turmoil as the big-government noose tightened around our necks.

I’ll See Your Ivermectin And Raise You An HCQ

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Too, I have long suspected that the AMA is in the pockets of Big Pharma and crooked politicians and will say what the crooks want said. We’re not privy and therefore can’t trust the buggers. Nor am I alone in suspecting that for them, our health takes a backseat to making money. Along with tools like Fauci and Dr Scarf, they have thoroughly and totally ruined the medical establishment’s reputation.


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The important thing to Joe was always the wise crack, the clever put-down, to look self-assured and in command, cool and cocky, easily dealing with responsibilities that would bend other men under their forbidding weight. Responsibility never bent Joe because he never took responsibility for anything. It’s tempting to say he was following in Obama’s footsteps, but Joe was doing this act when Barack was in junior high in Indonesia.

The General’s White Rage

When you get back, you can explain why it was wrong for you to cross the street with Trump but right to show your white rage for Biden. By then, Joe should have us into some other stupid mess that you can use to really strut your social justice warrior bona fides. By then you’ll have all this white rage experience under your belt, and you can stand beside Austin on near-equal terms.

Back To Covid For Just A Minute

I ain’t and don’t plan to be vaccinated. They’ll have to force me. Similarly, I carry a mask around. They can force me to wear it once I’m inside the store, but they can’t make me have it on when I first come in, short of paying a gang of toughs to hang out at the entrance, ambushing unmasked old codgers.

Whose Side You On, Joe?

It ain’t getting better. If you want to know what’s coming, there’s a real Good Book out that’ll tip you off. The last chapter has it all – blood, guts, fear, excitement, love, hate, fantasy, and the world’s greatest villain and superhero in a fight to the finish. It’s good stuff; I highly recommend it.

Ahh, Yes… Those 72 Innocents

Who in Creation would want to live the way Taliban guys live, anyway? The women do all the work so the guys can practice being vicious curs on any woman they catch all by herself. Mind you, that’s no easy thing. They gotta take care to beat, rape, and kill only women who have no menfolk who might take umbrage. Some guys just got no sense of fun at all.

Gropin’ Fer Gravitas

It was so bad that you almost [but not quite] [okay, not at all] felt sorry for Gropin’ Joe. But then the scutter comes out sounding all boastful – we’re monitoring them closely, they know we’re watching, the full might of the United States, on and on like that in stentorian tones – all so disconnected from what actually did happen that it took a few minutes to credit that Joe was actually mouthing such stuff.

Goodbye, America

Where most South Vietnamese had relatively little or no direct experience with the North Vietnamese before we abandoned them, Afghans knew firsthand what awaited them at the hands of the Taliban. Joe said there would be no scenes of people hanging onto helicopters lifting off from the US embassy. He was right. What we saw was people hanging onto jets taking off, then falling off in midair.

Democrat Ignorance Hurts America

In today’s political environment, it ultimately comes down to this: You can say what you think around a classic liberal. You may get an argument but he won’t try to shut you down. Anyone who claims to love America or be an American patriot is kidding himself if he wants to shut up different thinking.

The Abortion Of Stephen Hawking

I’m not unsympathetic to the idea of wanting your own life rather than having such a baby, which would be a lifelong, heavy, costly burden few could bear stoically. But those who support abortion need to think about this. All we ever hear or read from most pro-abortion advocates are selfish comments showing no consideration whatever for the young life they thoughtlessly terminate.

White Privilege Isn’t About Race, It’s About Behavior

Jesse Jackson recognized as much years ago in an unguarded moment with a black audience, when he said it pained him that he would be walking down a street at night, hear footsteps behind him and get to thinking about robbery, then look back and see somebody white and feel relieved.

For Those Attacking ‘Whiteness’, Both Sides Of The Ledger Please

Whites ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and major parts of Asia. In India they ended suttee (burning the still-living wife on the dead husband’s funeral pyre). They ended human sacrifice in Central America and cannibalism in the Caribbean. Since the last half of the 20th Century, white agricultural methods have fed the world.

Conservative Americans: We Must Not Only Recognize the Truth, But Stand Up for It

It’s time to start organizing our neighborhoods, at least in our minds, basing our thinking on reality.  The main thing is get to know your neighbors.  Know who will cower and who will stand up, who refuses to believe what’s happening and who sees clearly, who is waiting for someone else to do everything and who ready to defend himself, who is part of the problem and who part of the solution.