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Jobs Report

Dems Try To Take A Bow For July Jobs Report, But Should They? Was This News Good Or Bad?

It is good for the economy, in general, when more people work.  It is bad, however, for the quality of life and for society, in general, when our senior citizens become WalMart greeters, and our mothers leave their children to their own devices because they must work to feed the family, fill the gas tank, heat or cool their home, and pay for health, car, and homeowner insurance.

Biden Administration’s Jobs Report: Altered, Manipulated, Fake

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It would appear that the benchmark was recalculated based on changing the total labor force from 170 million to 146 million “based on deaths.” That would equate to 24 million people in the labor force who died or were permanently disabled. In addition, they revised the algorithm to include an estimate of those employees exempt from unemployment insurance claiming this data has lagged for two years.