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Joe Rogan

Ouch! Joe Rogan’s Takeaway From COVID Tyranny Is Not What Democrats Wanted To Hear

Rogan’s advice may raise some eyebrows on both sides of the political aisle, but it’s also understandable. Rogan got a front-row seat to the COVID hysteria and became Democrats’ enemy number one for a couple of weeks earlier this year thanks to his skepticism about the vaccines. When has-been rocker Neil Young decided to put forth his ‘me-or-him; ultimatum to Spotify, the leftwing mob came at Rogan with their pitchforks raised, but Rogan prevailed.

[Watch] Bill Maher And Joe Rogan Discuss Leftist Insanity And Being Republican

It’s not often we can refer to dialogue about government spending as “fascinating,” but in this case, the shoe fits, and the intrigue comes from the reality of who these two men are: Bill Maher and Joe Rogan are leftists. They are both self-described, unabashed liberals. But what makes them sound like today’s conservatives is the fact that they haven’t totally lost their minds:

ICYMI: Six Big News Stories From The Past Week

But what is most astonishing to me with this story is the complete lack of self-awareness from not only Abrams, but from scores of other Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Democrats have always employed double standards. The rules don’t apply to them, only to us peasants.

Joe Rogan Gets Some Brilliant Advice From Someone Who Understands His Situation… Donald Trump

Rogan needs to apologize to no one; those clips that were compiled to attack him have been around for years and no one cared in the slightest. They’re only being brought up now because Joe is a regime opponent and framing him as a “racist” is what the regime sees as the most effective way of kneecapping him and taking him out of the public sphere.