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Justice Department

Kyle Rittenhouse, Modern Law, And The Fallacy Of ‘A Jury Of Peers’

And an impartial jury doesn’t necessarily mean one that has not heard about the case or spoken about it. And the nonsense of sequestering juries so as not to have their impartiality tainted is ludicrous. Is the jury pool assumed to be a collection of morons that cannot deflect rumor or hearsay from the public’s outcry? If the answer is, they cannot be trusted with certainty, then why isn’t the judge in the dusty little hotel room, incommunicado, along with them?

The FBI Is Not What It Used To Be

The FBI promoted integrity throughout government by ferreting out corruption.  Paid spies like Richard Miller, Robert Hansen, and Aldrich Ames were caught.  Bought off politicians like those caught up in ABSCAM were nabbed as well.  The FBI ensured that public corruption came with real risks.