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Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, Modern Law, And The Fallacy Of ‘A Jury Of Peers’

And an impartial jury doesn’t necessarily mean one that has not heard about the case or spoken about it. And the nonsense of sequestering juries so as not to have their impartiality tainted is ludicrous. Is the jury pool assumed to be a collection of morons that cannot deflect rumor or hearsay from the public’s outcry? If the answer is, they cannot be trusted with certainty, then why isn’t the judge in the dusty little hotel room, incommunicado, along with them?

ASU, Take A Stand And Expel These Ignorant “Students”

hese kids at ASU need two things. One is to be educated on the judicial system, and the other is to be put into their place. Kyle Rittenhouse was tried and found not guilty by a twelve-person jury of his peers. There is no do-over. He is found not guilty forever, and his case cannot be retried. There was no racial component to his case. He is white, as are the three people who attacked him. There were no people of color involved. He is not a white supremacist. He also was found to be acting in self-defense.

What Can We Conclude From The Rittenhouse Saga? America Needs A Lesson In Civics

Pay attention to how space is used in a typical American court, where the judge is always placed higher than any other person in the courtroom. The jury generally is placed in the second highest position. The witness stand is often raised a step or two. As for the prosecutor, defense attorney and defendant, they are equally at ground level, though the prosecutor, representing the state, almost always is placed between the jury and the defendant to protect the jury, again symbolically.

The Rittenhouse Trial: Thankfully We Were Able To See The Shamelessness With Our Own Eyes

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The lying media can’t get away with its fabrications so easily when people can see the videos with their own eyes and don’t have to depend on reports by such unworthies as Joe Scarface and his posse of progressive harpies. These people have no allegiance to or interest in the truth or, for that matter, honesty; they have their side and that’s all they care about.

A Dozen Nameless Americans Prove the System Works

Interestingly, the same people who pointed to the jury as the final word in the OJ trial cannot do the same in the Rittenhouse case. The jury and its verdict only work when it serves their cause, and their cause is always Race. It is startling to see the number of people who think the people shot by Rittenhouse were black. This is the perception the media gave them.

Unsaid: Joseph Rosenbaum Might Have Committed Suicide-by-Rittenhouse

We’ve heard much about the criminal records of the three Rittenhouse assailants’ who were shot (and a bit about the checkered past of the fourth attacker, who wasn’t shot), and rightly so. But underemphasized in Rosenbaum’s case is that he actually was what we today call “mentally ill,” having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Why is this relevant? It not only helps explain his irrational behavior, but there’s also this:

Kyle Rittenhouse Did NOT Get A Fair Trial

Despite this, the jury’s deliberation ran into a fourth day and lasted 23 hours in an open-and-shut case that should have brought an acquittal in 30 minutes. Perhaps we should allow that it might to an extent have been theater, with the jury delay being partially attributable to a desire to appease the mob by appearing to show “due diligence” (maybe). But here’s a point to ponder:

ANOTHER Open Letter To Kyle Rittenhouse

I promise you, you’ll have the support of the true American public – patriots from shore to shore – if you demand that the President of the United States issue a full and contrite apology. We will also cheer you on for demanding the same from countless others, from the disgraced ex-Governor of New York to Hollywood actors and actresses who abused their platforms to smear you in virtually every conceivable way.

If the Rittenhouse Trial Made You Angry, What’s Happening Now Should Infuriate You

For most of my life I’ve been a great proponent of basic humanity and the practiced understanding and compassion which attends it, but these reckless, dangerous, disingenuous nihilists are simply not entitled to such charity. What they’re entitled to is an orange jumpsuit, a speedy trial, and proper punishment. There is criminality attached to the Rittenhouse prosecution, but it doesn’t involve the teenager who was holding the rifle.

An Open Letter To Kyle Rittenhouse

You did everything right – don’t ever doubt that – but the world is trying to do everything wrong right now, and you’re liable to be a victim of that. There isn’t a lot of justice in the American justice system at present. You should easily be found innocent of any charge they attempt to bring against you, but society is leaning into everyone from the judge to the jury on this one.

Biden’s Side Of The Truth

The problem with Biden chiming in is twofold. Being the President, even a senile incompetent President, his words carry weight. His ardent followers will believe it without question. They will not formulate their own opinion based on facts as that takes too much work. The other is the fodder it supplies for the Mainstream Media. They will use the President’s comments as the talking points for the “news” cycle.

Kyle Rittenhouse Vs Christine Blasey Ford: A Tale Of Two Tearful Testimonies       

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So, who would be more adept at deceit, and at pretending to be feeling something they were not? The part-time, high-school aged lifeguard? Or the clinically trained psychologist who is not only an expert on human behavior, but teaches that subject to college students and conducts research on such matters at one of the top universities in the country, Stanford University? You don’t need a PhD to answer that one correctly.

Why They Hate Kyle Rittenhouse

And that’s why they hate him. Despite their preening, despite their attacks on aesthetics and beauty, despite their attempts to erase the past, deep down they know that a male that can’t defend himself isn’t really a man. And Rittenhouse’s existence as a young man that successfully defended himself from multiple attackers reminds them that they can’t defend themselves, and thus aren’t really men.