It’s Time To Dramatically Increase the Penalty for Election Fraud

If we can’t trust an election’s results, how can we trust the government that election yields? This was a point that was frequently made during the Russia Hoax, and one that would have been justifiable if there had been any validity to their accusations. Any democracy needs to have faith in the integrity of their elections, and failure to achieve that trust will only sow increasing resentment and skepticism. Regardless of that fact, those who should care don’t, and choose instead to brush off the idea as if it was just dandruff on their overcoat; nothing to see here, folks.

The Mainstream Media’s COVID Cover-up Continues

The Left and their media can’t afford to have President Trump’s positions legitimized. If someone comes out and backs Trump’s COVID-19 plans, the media have to cover it up. They have to discredit them, even if that means winking and nodding to Joe Biden’s absurd claim that 44,000 scientists/doctors are “nobody.”

What the Toobin Scandal Really Exposes

The media’s indifference to the Jeffery Toobin scandal is just one more example of their aversion to the truth. Engaging in self-abuse while one interacts with their colleagues during a Zoom meeting is repulsive, regardless of whether or not one’s laptop’s camera is functioning, and regardless of how boring that meeting might be.

Her Name Was Dajore Wilson… Say Her Name!

Dajore Wilson was a beautiful, eight-year old girl from Chicago who died on Labor Day after multiple gunshots were fired into the car in which she was traveling, along with her parents and an adult, family friend.  All three of the adults were injured, but survived, and fortunately Dajore’s twin brother was not present inContinue reading “Her Name Was Dajore Wilson… Say Her Name!”

The Bizarre Taboo Against Describing Abortion

This article was first published by Human Events. Image by succo from Pixabay                 Graphic descriptions of factory farming are fine and dandy—but don’t you dare talk about killing the unborn. A common tactic deployed by opponents of certain issues is to graphically describe the impacts of that topic for their audience, thereby imparting imageryContinue reading “The Bizarre Taboo Against Describing Abortion”

Evidence Shows the Media Doesn’t Really Care About Evidence

This article was first published by American Thinker. Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels Read an article from any mainstream media outlet regarding an even remotely controversial subject broached by President Trump, and it is likely to include the statement, “President Trump claimed, without evidence…”  Use of the phrase is so frequent, it is likely that writers atContinue reading “Evidence Shows the Media Doesn’t Really Care About Evidence”