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Could America ‘Go Green’ Even If We Wanted To?

The Green movement is just more Left-Wing Enemy Dependency Syndrome – the same way they like us regarding fossil fuels. Instead of Make America Great Again, it’s Make America Wait Again. We’re not going to be at the top of their list for deliveries, and the price will be high if we can get it at all.

How Cultural Marxists In Our Midst Are Grinding Christianity Down

Scriptural religion is about individual salvation; social religion is about collective salvation, a concept that does not exist in Christianity. In many churches on the religious left, the communist goal of replacing revealed religion with social religion has largely been accomplished, as evidenced by the constant refrain of religious-left pastors who sermonize about their undying commitment to the cause of “social justice.”

Prayer v. Marxism

That idea of a higher power, above the government, above a king, is the real beginning of our nation. It’s the core reason Marxism hates religion: no person is subordinate in the eyes of God.