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Megan Rapinoe

Trump Offers $100 Million To Megan Rapinoe And Rosie O’Donnell For MMA Steel Cage Match [Satire]

During a press conference to announce the potential fight, Trump explained: “This fight is going to be yuge! The biggest ever! It’s going to be a spectacle the likes of which the world has never seen! Rosie and the purple-haired soccer lady duking it out, it’s going to be can’t-miss television. We’re still negotiating how many rounds the fight will be. My team is telling me we should make it a 3-round fight, but I’m hoping to make it a 20-round fight, without gloves and permitting brass knuckles.”

[Listen] Megan Rapinoe Has A Strange Approach To Mathematics On Chelsea Clinton Podcast

The reason why women soccer players are paid less than men soccer players is that the soccer teams that men play on bring in an exponentially higher amount of revenue. And the reason why those soccer teams make so much more than women’s soccer teams is that hundreds of millions of people around the world are fascinated with the competitiveness and athleticism of the men’s teams.