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Mostly Peaceful Riots

Accountability? Grand Jury Indicts 11 Antifa Members For Violent Attack During Patriot March

County DA Summer Stephan is currently registered as an independent but had been a Republican until 2019. Most importantly, Stephan is not a Democrat. Additionally, though the county is now 56.3% Democratic as of 2016, one of the five members of the House of Representatives representing the county is Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), a highly influential and conservative member of the House.

Another Chicken Little Summer: Leftists Have A New Excuse For Mostly Peaceful Riots

Once more, the addled left is going off half-cocked without so much as reading, to say nothing of trying to understand, the argument being made by Justice Alito, which by any standard is most eloquently and elegantly framed. Once again, these coddled semi-hysterical Chicken Littles are having screaming meemies over every tiny imagined threat to their cherished, coddled world.