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[WATCH] Hilarious! Netflix Pushes Back On Woke Mob With New Series ‘Snowflake Mountain’

What’s most effective for Netflix in this instance is that the show is actually funny. It takes on all shades of snowflakes: white, black, gay, straight, vegan, etc. And it gently pokes fun at the absurdity of it all. After Netflix began hemorrhaging money with its stock price plummeting, the company pushed back on the wokesters in their ranks: enough is enough. They encouraged them to work somewhere else if they don’t like it, and then put their foot down.

Canceling Cancel Culture: Backlash Toward Woke Mob Continues, Netflix Takes Another Stand

But that’s not what woke cancel culture is about. It’s not about protecting fragile psyches from being traumatized by harmless jokes. Cancel culture is about power. If you don’t agree with us, we’ll shut you down. We’ll go after your advertisers. We’ll picket in front of your streaming outlet’s headquarters. We’ll silence you, no matter what it takes, First Amendment be damned.

Cutting Its Losses With Meghan Markle: Netflix Ditches Duchess

Last summer amid substantial pomp, a project to produce a children’s cartoon series tentatively named Pearl was announced, with Markle herself serving as executive producer for the production company Archewell Productions, which is jointly owned by the couple. A few months later, a deal to air the series was agreed to with Netflix. But according to Deadline yesterday, Netflix “has quietly dropped” the Pearl.