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Newsom is a Hypocrite

Only In Modern America: A Humiliating Recall Vote = An Election Mandate

Could one even consider it a true litmus test when only about 12 million out of 39 million citizens even bothered to vote? It makes one wonder what the numbers would show if the other 27 million residents had shown up; and all this in his own backyard. If that does not give one pause, then maybe the fact that the opposition was even able to bring Newsom’s recall to the ballot should.

Release the Kraken, COVID Vaccines, and General Observations of the Week

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Whatever voting irregularities, improprieties, and fraud occurred, we need to get to the bottom of them. Expose the perpetrators, prosecute them, and imprison them; no doubt. But getting our hopes up for something that looks increasingly unlikely to happen is not helping anyone. Knock of the hyperbole, tell us the facts, and give them to us straight.