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Observations of the Week

Biden Emboldens, Pipeline Problem, and Cheerio Cheney: The Week in Review

For the record, Rep. Cheney, we don’t expect you to be silent about Trump or anyone else. It’s OK to criticize him, and it’s OK to despise him. But he’s been out of office for four months now. Get over it. Here’s a suggestion: Stand up straight, close your eyes real tight, click your heels together, and repeat after me. “There’s no one like Mitt Romney. There’s no one like Mitt Romney.”

Five Headlines: Stories That Impacted the Week of February 27, 2021

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We can’t have our Customs and Border Patrol just releasing these children into society with nowhere to go. But Democrats and their media can’t have it both ways. If it’s good for you, it’s good for Trump, and if it’s bad for Trump, it’s bad for you. Make up your minds.

Music City Musing, Georgia Jostling, and General Observations of the Week

What has to be a questionable strategy, however, is the amount of Hollywood celebrities who have weighed-in on the races in support of the Democrats. If you’re a Georgia voter and you see Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and Justin Timberlake giving their opinions on who you should vote for, unless you’re a under the age of twenty-three there should be only one thought in your mind – “Shut the hell up, Hollywood.”

Quiet on Cuomo, the Electoral College Elects, and General Observations of the Week

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Forget that tens of thousands have died due to Cuomo’s utter incompetence with COVID, and forget that he’s an overall lousy governor; Cuomo is unassailable. If indisputable evidence were to come out tomorrow proving Cuomo barbecues puppies and prefers them medium-rare and served with hollandaise sauce, the mainstream media would simply shrug their shoulders and ignore it.

Feds Hunting Hunter, Swallwell Called Out, and General Observations of the Week

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For those that argue a scandal with Hunter doesn’t equate to a scandal for Joe, consider what the media’s coverage would be if the situation was reversed. What if we found out this week that those old accusations against Donald Trump Jr being nefariously involved with Russian characters weren’t just imaginary infractions, but were indeed being investigated by the Justice Department and a Senate Committee?

Biden Resigning, Female Football, and General Observations of the Week

We can debate about what Good Ole’ Joe was trying to say, but there’s one thing that the exchange illustrates perfectly and of which we can be totally clear: Joe Biden’s mindset. Biden is not going to govern as a moderate and he is not going to be a barrier between the radical left and the center of his party. Joe Biden will be completely malleable.